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Homegroup issue

Bluescreen of death while downloading with Mtorrent

Computer Crash Automatically

Use Upgrade License key after install of other?

The computer restarted unexpectedly. Windows install can't proceed.

Random BSOD's

Problem with iTunes (Windows registry)

Can't find ms office 2012

Windows 7 on Bootcamp BSOD

Ssd space after windows

No bluetooth device was found!

OS loaded from USB successful but windows can't find my new HDD

can't access nas login page or shared files from win7 via wifi

problem soundblaster xfi titanium

Change Account Type button is not enabled even as administrator user

Grouping shortcuts to apps

Complete random BSOD

Constant Windows Update

Wireless Network Card Disappeared

CMD has disapeared need help!


Help interpreting minidump

Resolution stopped working properly

I can't create a homegroup after repair install

Same Windows Updates reinstalling on shutdown

Remove original drive in dual boot system and replace Win 10 SSD? How?

numerous BSOD crashes

Windows7Prox64 Wont boot past windows logo

BSOD when downloading torrents

Need to refresh desktop

Why is windows saving installation files to another partition?

Fresh windows install

Windows 7 Final RTM question (when it comes out)

Volume increasing automatically!

Problem:when upgrading/updating apps (programs) I must uninstall first

Right click/context menu appears invisible

Windows keeps installing important updates for uninstalled Office 2010

Windows 7 install over Windows 10 laptop.no more graphics card

Remove Taskbar button highlight

Taskbar Freezing / Unclickable

How to find recent items (NOT places) in dialog boxes

Ultravnc in Windows 7

PC slow - don't know why

DVD Drive play music but doesn't recognize bootable DVDs

bootable windows usb

SFC Details inside. How do I fix these corrupted files?

Can't Update

goes into sleep mode but wont wake

Desktop shortcut to "new toolbar."

remove desktop item in Windows explorer

Random lockups and BSODs

System Resources are consuming more RAM.

Odd pauses in Explorer when clicking or opening items

did not complete backup error code 0x81000019.

Full screen Games minimizing to taskbar for no reason

Tune Up Utilities not work on Win 7 RC x64?

HELP: WIN7PRO > WIN10 > WIN7PRO Affected Performance and Connectivity

acer aspire bsod at restart

Installed wrong windows 7 cd

Win7 set up interrupted

How do you delete a file Windows can't find?

Lost Homegroup

Just Upgraded to Windows 7 and I have a problem.

Recent update broke subsystem and GUI

Character coding problem on W7 Pro x64

Cannot access bios after micrisoft tech support

Activation after fresh install

Windows 10 determined to install

Can not start registry editor - please help!

URGENT: Can I interrupt installation

Show icon outlines while moving them on the Desktop

Bsod macbook windows 7 bootcamp

Random BSODs or General Slowness when ethernet under load

Wallpaper goes under startbar

windows 7 to 10

BSOD while downloading using FileZilla

Windows 7 unresponsive

Irq not less or equal mfc

No sound from apps besides systemsounds

I lost admin password and couldn't fix

Slow catastrophic failure

Resolution stuck on 800x600

BSOD randomly

?preview pane? button missing in Windows Explorer for ?save image as'

After waking computer up

Upgrading Win7 to Win10 for free ?

3 GB lost after latest Windows update.

msinet.ocx missing or invalid

Audio noise when first sound is played built-in Realtek

Laptop Sometimes Won't Sleep

A Very Minor but attractive Windows 7 style(skin)!

Logon Screen Changes - Can it affect loadtimes/stability?

windows won't start after updates

BSOD when computer starts from all 4 cores! / 0x0000000a

Are you serious right now?(Windows 10 forced)

Eset Nod 32 issue

Realtek HD ALC883 Issues

multiple desktops ?

Display and Machine Randomly freezes (No error messages or BSOD)

Confuse on Audio Issue.

Office 2010 Issue

Win7 only performs partial boot

Win7 update kills Internet

realtech hd audio driver problems crackles

Sudden recurring BSOD

Traybar Transparency - Enable Full Clear Glass !

BSOD After Reverting Back To Windows 7 From Windows 10 - Can't log in

cortana or web search for window 7

BSOD with multiple messages

Totally transparent taskbar

Program failed to compile after VB6 installation

Kernel-Power Event ID 41 BSOD during playing games

End of NT Evaluation Period Blue Screen Crash

Using Same Code Twice on Same Machine

Cannot boot from Sata 6g

how to save windows 8.1 hard drive image before installing windows 7

Random BSOD with different errors

How to restore most frequently used programs in start menu

Computer unable to connect to wireless network at new apartment

Weird black menu in control panel

I will hiden the language icon from login screen ?

No Files or Folders to be Found

Random BSOD after system maintenance

Cannot create Recovery Drive

BSoDs & Driver Problems (Bootcamp)

Restoring backed-up files

Auto Closing Softwares

Screen saver no longer works.

Sound dissapear when turn OFF/ON on Realtek

Help installing windows to free space on harddrive

Cannot turn on system proctection

Some system files are corrupt.

Can't change sound Default Format

Video Hardware Error now causing slow boot up times

BSOD Playing several games | Error 0x0000010D

Windows 7 raid driver

Reccuring BSOD on Laptop

Windows 10 setup fail

Make Close Window Button Larger

Problems with trying to use NVIDIA Scaling

Motherboard USB 2.0 ports disabled after Windows update.

slow firefox/chrome

Bad windows key

Bsod 101 clock_watchdog_timeout

Naming multiple Firefox profile in the taskbar

please HELP me to get sound Drivers!

Customizing Applications Jumplists

Networking card isn't working after reverting back to win7 from win8

Chkdsk will not run at reboot

Can you use 64 bit key from win741 version with 32bit

Update windows 7 to Windows 10 - Easeus Partition Manager issues

Stopping My Video files from going into My Documents folder.

Cannot Change order of Pinned Taskbar icons

Stealing Focus

Individual program resolution issue

Random BSOD when browsing web + gaming. 0x00000019

Did I upgrade to Win7 on PC that can't handle it?

how to change task bar font color

How do a from Win7 homegroup with Vista?

Random BSODs

Regularly occurring BSODs - mostly CACHE_MANAGER problems

Bitlocker is slow

Windows stutter when dragged.

Lost internet when awaking from hibernation

taskbar preview and pop-up description vanish too quick

Random BSOD when playing games bug check code 0x0000003b

Network Driver Problem

Problems with the audio and Windows Troubleshooter

Upgrading CPU and MoBo.

Volume/Hard Disk Partiton

hello help me find these drivers

Why can't I unassociate a file type?

BSOD Plannetside 2 (steam) black screen> reboot> BSOD crash report

Blurry Text problem

Standby Wakeup Issue

homegroup/ r?seaux

BSOD on MBP bootcamp Windows 7

Network Adapter is disabling automatcual

app windows not refreshing

internet showing disconnected but isnt

Heap Leak Detection and Win7

Terrible Lag at Startup

Office 10 Partition

Need help - network connection - using Realtek RTL8157

transfer OS to desktop pc from dead samsung R540 laptop

Can icon in taskbar be renamed?

Diagnose Random Crash

Latest updates are causing me disk problems

Can't get Windows 7 to upgrade to Windows 10

Random freezes and bluescreens

BSOD while downloading P2P $orrent

reverting from Windows 10 back to 7

Shortcut to Favorites with full breadcrumb trail

Windows Update no longer works after a System Restore to a new HD

Random BSOD at any given time

Sound issue !

Attempted log in tries in login screen-how to get rid of?

Windows 7 Minimizing Full-Screen Games and Regular Windows

Homegroup died after router upgrade

Windows Defrag Registry shows extra users in startup Optimization

File association won't change to the proper program

Program starts after every sleep

Home groups and Vista/XP

Why is Rebuild Search Indexing so Slow?

computer that created HOMEGROUP is no longer working!

2 issues with clean Win 7 install on older laptop

A question before I upgrade to Win7

Waking from sleep

BSOD - No New Hardware Installed - No Software Updated

Random NON-BSOD crashes

Center Align Taskbar Icons

Does windows generate errors on putting incorrect passwords?

Hide program hide popup.

BSOD and other random crashes

Frequenlty BSOD when using any internet connection. NTFS.sys BSOD

AHCI mode and driver boot problem

Issue with Hz screen settings on Nvidia drivers

Are Windows Product Keys limited by language

Windows 7 Home Pre. 32bit clean install reboot issue

Computer is freezing without BSOD's

Wireless NAS folder "Mapped" but unit inaccessible

BSOD crashing IRQL

After changing network adapter shares are not reachable anymore

BSOD and random freeze

My Shortcuts just wont work!

Been getting random BSOD for months

Space on SSD with and without windows 7 installed?

Glitch that doesnt let me install win 7 pro

Random BSOD and Windows freeze

Can't work Windows 7 key

Problem with installation.

BSOD since Windows update


IE Font Sizing on High Res Notebook

PC Freeze Diagnostics

windows update fails - no error message

Why does it take so long to install some updates?

Change pop-up notifications from Taskbar

After installing anti virus software I lost network connection

tried to re-install radeon 6410d hd graphics but it wont let me?

Windows 7 rollback from 10

Windows 7 delay before the password insert box appears on startup

DVD won't autostart

Magnifying glass mouse-cursor app?

Plz help with automatically login after hibernate ?

Driver Issues

Ati x1100 bsod

BSOD while downloading with utorrent

Multiple BSOD Errors when gaming/youtubing and failed startups

Remove language packs from windows update

Windows 10 Upgrade Inexplicable Error

Win7 64bit reboots.

Trouble going from ethernet to wireless.

My friend hid the clock on the task bar

BSODs - games

Only 2.9GB RAM usable ):

Pdf and microsoft word folders disappeared

Windows 7 Daily Freeze and BSOD

System keeps waking -- Not Network

New homegroup created by accident

Stop Automatic Updates

Can't rename shortcut in Start Menu

BSOD at unexpected times

10 second delay before startup animation?

win7 64 freeze won't install over 20

computer keeps disconnecting and reconnectin to wireless every 2secs

Sound Distortion in Dell Laptop - gets worse with time (days)

optimize performance for an ssd

BSOD randomly from nowhere

An entry in registry missing

Some Of Backgrounds are Black and so is the Text *HELP*

Add Tabs to Explorer.exe - Little similar to QtTabBar

Windows Crash

BSODs after upgrade

crash after installing on first boot

Power icon missing after removal ZeroAccess rootkit

How to fix these shadow below texts?

Blank icons/white thumbnails + slow My Computer

How To Turn Off User Account Control (UAC) For A Specific Application

USB subsystem corrupted?

.exe icon picture disappeared

Terribly long install time? (Ultimate 64bit)

Can you recreate this side taskbar problem?

cursor keeps refreshing.

try to install win 7 correctly but it still goes wrong

Randomly started getting BSOD

BSOD after upgrade

Preserving installed programs.

anyway to use hotkeys to switch sound output?

Need admin access on my system

Boot time has increased with no apparent cause

Accidentally deleted an Audio playback device

Win7 Resolution Resize Problem

Incorrect hardware date affects Windows activation

Windows 7 Upgrade to Windows 10 but Users Folder Moved 2nd Drive

Latest Windows Update(s) caused IE Problem

Clicking on files move the columns in the folder.

Can't get Administrative privileges

Mysterious Noises/Music in Windows Mixer.

BSOD every 3 days continuous running

Can't Delete unwanted Win 7 OS files

BSOD when gaming

Can't Clone => Ok To Fresh Install On New HD?

A Wide Variety Of BSODs Happening Randomly And Without Pattern

Bluescreen when i play computer games

Windows Freezing at login screen after installing driver

Help.I think? Upgrade vs. "Full"

Intermittent Startup Freeze after Video Driver Update

Sandbox folders?

Windows 7 locks up on Windows 7 startup

Cpu 100% Hard drive still run

Upgrade to 10 from 7 goes in circles

Windows backup stalls when creating a system image.

Network connections box suddenly doesn't respond

BSOD while downloading torrents

Favorites Folders Missing in Favorites Center Pane? Cloud Issue?

Where windows open on taskbar.

Constant updates every night upon shutdown

taskbar and control panel issues

Random BSODs at no particular time

Windows shutdown - 10 hours and counting - any resources

Can I Download Win 7 Pro and reg with my Genuine key

Getting BSOD intermittently. Need help with the memory.dmp file

Home Group not cooperating

A Little Upgrade to Win 7

HomeGroup Has Quit Working

Changing taskbar color with aero/visual effects off

UAC does not show when installing software

System Takes To Much Time Please Help

Windows Firewall & VPN

Can't access System Protection options

Looking for Library icon locations!

Computer Waking From Sleep Every 10 min. W/Out Monitor Turning On

Explorer Folder Sort Suddenly Applies to All Folders

Windows Update Fail.

Error during clean install

How to stop auto-maximizing windows

network connection issue

Reinstall Problem

Need printer help

Can A Single System Repair Disc Be Used On Multiple Computers?

Repeat BSOD seems to be caused by uTorrent. Any suggestions?

Startup Repair loop -repair installation?

CHKDSK and LogonUI.exe issues

Sleep problems after new install

Homegroup no longer working - confused!


Change notification area and disabling taskbar thumbn.

COMPLETELY unassociating extensions from default Open With programs

BOSD - random crashes

Are any Windows 7 Updates required to try Windows 10?

Size of Desktop Toolbar on locked taskbar

w7 64 bits slow to arrange files by date

Audio Service Not Running/No sound/No speakers/Realtek problem

Cannot activate WLAN after notebook repair

BSOD at i5 2nd cores' 2nd thread 100% usage

Animated wallpaper without windows aero scheme selected

Windows setting wrong monitor as No.1 Monitor.

Reserve windows 10 update button wont open

Problems Searching For Folders and Files

How do I make my laptop not hibernate when its in sleep

keep win7 running at a premium

Is a Second Clean Install Possible?

BSOD 0x69 IO1 Initizialtion Error - Seems to be the least understood.

after update headphones don't work

Wake Timers Disabled

Stuttering display after 10 minutes or so.

Weird problem with my new set up (Win7)

Random BSOD 0x3b

Recent random BSOD

Max resolution issue

How to enable a login password at startup

Installing Issues

can't get wireless connection after reinstall

BSOD less frequent but still annoying

HELP! Start Menu Text Not Appearing!

System crashing & freezing randomly for several months

relocating appdata folder onto its own SSD drive

Unexpected Shutdown. .dmp and .xml Files Included.

Power Saving for USB 3.0 Mass Storage Device (On/Off charge)

dual boot issue

Unable to load Windows after installing crossfire

BSOD on Shutdown Event Log = Kernel-Processor-Power. Event ID: 6

Mixed Up StartMenu

BSOD - Randomly often while Firefox is running

Windows not starting

Sound system not working in only windows

Allow autorun on SDCards & USB Drives?

BSOD every time I open a Torrent client

Random Freeze & BSOD's

Clean Win7 install + drivers + basic software = randome little freezes

Potential problem upgrading to W10

Persistent BSOD's at desktop

Computer restarts automatically after new router install

WIN 7 PRO: top of windows get stuck under the task bar

BSOD (IRQL Not less or Equal) - Playing games

Disappearing Taskbar

How to get Aero peak in Chrome

Get rid of One Drive?

Invalid Key after HDD replaced

Wired Network Connection Problem

Wil I have to activate again with these changes?

Moving window boxes around

Can't install 32 bit iTunes in 64 bit Windows 7

netw5v32 windows 7 bsod driver_irql_not_less_or_equal

windows 7 libraries with unusual syntax

Computer Freezes and BSOD after a system upgrade

Can I Listen To Audio On Two Devices At The Same Time?

Monitor will not sleep after specified time

BSOD Occured when opening uTorrent

Computer locking up randomly for some time

Can't update to windows 10

Context Menu Going Left Not Right

Install Windows

Set default action for CD/DVD/BD/Etc

Ethernet Issue

Taskbar disapeared and nothing's responding

.7Z Associated with Windows Explorer and I cannot change it.

BSOD/Hang on boot up

Trying to get my audio to work!

Can't Access Taskbar/startmenu/icons

BSOD alot

Fully transparent taskbar?

Decommissioned OEM keys

Laptop taking 10+ minutes to start up

Extremely Annoying Boot Problem

used ssd + new build

PC not showing correct model info or image in Devices & Printers

Reinstall Fresh Version from OEM Product Key

where do unpinned apps go?

High RAM and CPU usage

How to stop auto maximizing windows when moving them

startmenu search

IE9: Starter Guide And Customization Tips

Recent resolution issues

Big Problem! Changed Logon screen

BSOD driver_irql_not_less_or_equal (and Freeze)

Newly downloaded programs don't appear on desktop.

windows 7 Crash with "DRIVER_IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL"

Cant install Windows 8 - Says it needs 2gb of ram when I have 8gb

SLOW Windows Backup

Random freezes/crashes

How do i reset registry settings

BSOD and Freeze at random accounts.

Windows Close Down Problem

Getting random BSODs

BSOD while using Bittorrent/Utorrent

Frequent BSOD - 6 of the last 7 I wasn't using using PC

Copy files to new PC - file permission problems

Abnormal RAM usage / reported usage

Some programs look ugly in the taskbar.

PC randomly freezes without BSOD

Problem with sound driver

Problem updating video card driver Dual Radeon HD 4870

Windows 7 Download tool cannot see my drive

Windows explorer display size of every file in KB only

BSOD running uTorrent

Music Photos also going in to Games folder ?

To Install Clean or Upgrade; That.Is the Questionq

Desktop ICONS not functioning.Pls help

Random BSOD's when using computer

No sound just static after Windows 7 clean install

Frequent BSOD's during otherwise normal operation

Opening from taskbar problem

Driver problems

Moving 'My Documents' folder; strange results

Reporting Win7 UX to Microsoft

How do I repair the frozen taskbar

BSOD randomly when using computer

Recent update from 2 weeks ago causes BSOD

Windows 7 tcpip.sys Auto Patcher to Remove TCP/IP Connection Limit

4 of 120 PC's periodically think not genuine

Moving Libraries

Computer on "standby" problem

Defrag SSD once just to move some files before shrink partition?

LAN card disabled but I can still use my internet

Lost Admin. Account

netio.sys or ndis.sys causing BSOD?

Windows 8. Am I the only one that thinks that it's stupid?

after windows7 upgrade

Win 7 Wont Boot. Sometimes

None of my programs work

Windows 7 - 64 bit - WDFLDR.SYS missing or corrupt

Switch user when computer wake up from sleep

Recommended update not behaving

g6 bluetooth missing

BSOD different error codes

Pro activation

Credential Problems connecting to XP

Random BSODs occuring - dmp file included

Nvidia is offering me an 'updated' 7 driver is it safe or no?

User accounts not recreated on clean install

USB controllers with a yellow exclamation mark after restart error 10

dmp file analysis

Windows keeps freezing constantly after getting new harddrive

system won't stay shut down.

Win10 Updates prevent offline boot? Updates alter MBR?

Weird problem with desktop selection box

Audio is skipping and crackling (Windows 7 64 bit)

taskbar problem

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