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Question About WAIK Vs WIN PE Lost The Info-search No Find Inmythreads


The short version is that I would like to find a way to send email using Microsoft Excel 2003 and Lotus Notes 7. which is why I got to find some way other than "by phone" to do computer problems or else I'll never fix everything here by myself!!) So long question... Here is a shot of the iso mounted. In this step, you use the DiskPart tool to format the hard drive, and then you copy an image from the network share. http://emec16.com/windows-7/windows-7-search-doesn-t-find-text-strings.php

Hi DavidE!!! On my alerts sheet, each row is a different client and each column is different paperwork due. Would they be the same ?? Step-by-Step: Basic Windows 7 Deployment for IT Professionals Published: October 22, 2009Updated: October 13, 2010Applies To: Windows 7 Note This content applies to Windows 7.

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Have you searched for "Unattended installs"? 1 more replies Relevance 57.81% Question: How do I Install the W AIK (Automated Installation Kit) off the DVD . This is how you properly/completely relocate system files/folders off of the system drive. Windows Welcome, also called Machine OOBE (out-of-box experience), prompts the end user to read the Microsoft Software License Terms and to configure the computer.

LG DVD burner/Blue Ray Player. It is possible to create a custom WIM image based on which a Reset is performed. Thanks. 0 0 03/02/15--10:52: Used EasyBCD to move boot partition: File system error (512) Contact us about this article I used the program EasyBCD to move the boot partition. Winpe For Windows 10 Answer: WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit) have you looked at vlite?zidane24 has done an excellent tutorial. 9 more replies Relevance 66.83% Question: Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) ???

Step 3: Creating Bootable Windows PE Media In this step, you create a bootable Windows PE RAM disk on a CD-ROM disc by using the Copype.cmd script. Windows 7 Unattended Answer File It can manage files, edit Windows Registry, uninstall previously installed Windows updates, scan system for malware and restore deleted files. Question is, if I use that system image on the new samsung ssd, it will carry leftover drivers from the kingston one? http://newwikipost.org/topic/11RVTuHdEXTdXb9bkKjNAeAmI16Jiwlt/Installation-won-t-let-me-install-on-the-Drive-of-my-choice.html Nothing is enabled.-Tried to do Restore, it failed and when I tried to restore to a different date all restore files seem to disappear.-Tried to do Startup Repair (did not work)-I

What exactly is the: Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) ? Windows Pe Iso In other words, I am getting a message from windows 7 telling me to reboot my computer without the windows 7 disc, but the computer WILL NOT reboot without the disc. All of the settings you added must appear in the Windows SIM Answer File pane. For a related video demonstration, see Step 1: Create an Answer File.

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Use the sysprep command with the /generalize option to remove hardware-specific information from the Windows installation, and the /oobe option to configure the computer to boot to Windows Welcome upon the For example, at a command prompt, type:copy "C:\program files\\Tools\\imagex.exe" C:\winpe_x86\iso\where can be Windows OPK or Windows AIK, and can be x86, amd64, or a64. Windows 7 Aik Download More replies Relevance 37.31% Question: Automated shutdown Hi,Does anyone know of a way to automatically shutdown windows after a certain program closes? Windows Pe Download The Setup program automatically starts.

For this example, you can use your reference computer as your destination computer. this contact form and I got this result for all 4 (of my 7) threads: Quote: The following errors occurred with your search: Sorry - no matches. This shortcut adds the setting and all parent settings to your answer file in one step.  Component Configuration pass Microsoft-Windows-Deployment\ResealoobeSystemMicrosoft-Windows-International-Core-WinPE\SetupUILanguagewindowsPEMicrosoft-Windows-Setup\DiskConfiguration\Disk\CreatePartitions\CreatePartitionwindowsPEMicrosoft-Windows-Setup\DiskConfiguration\Disk\ModifyPartitions\ModifyPartitionwindowsPEMicrosoft-Windows-Setup\DiskConfiguration\Disk\CreatePartitions\CreatePartition *windowsPEMicrosoft-Windows-Setup\DiskConfiguration\Disk\ModifyPartitions\ModifyPartition *windowsPEMicrosoft-Windows-Setup\ImageInstall\OSImage\InstallTowindowsPEMicrosoft-Windows-Setup\UserDatawindowsPEMicrosoft-Windows-Shell-Setup\OOBEoobeSystemOptional: Microsoft-Windows-IE-InternetExplorerspecialize * This example uses a two-partition configuration. For a desktop computer, this is typically in the back of the computer. Windows 7 Answer File Generator

Restart the computer by pressing the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys. Now AOMEI is asking me to do the same.... But while the tutorials concentrate on the creation of unattended.xml, they don't communicate to me clearly what to do with the file in order to create a working bootable Win7 DVD. have a peek here Maybe I should "forget" the WAIK for a while and make a good backup again....

I've read about it in many forums and i've used the search function too, but i didn't find anything. Windows 7 Unattended Install Just downloaded the WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit) Used third party Roxio to burn to a DVD Now I'm ready to install it into the computer so that AOMEI can detect Are the WIN PE's for each one specific to each back up system?

Continue expanding the tree under Microsoft-Windows-Setup until you see the CreatePartition node listed in the table below.

formatted my hd with low level format tool, and forgot to back up the same files, I would like to know if you like to recover the data that was erased Any advice? (not about saving files, but about getting the computer to warn me about it?) Answer:3am automated update for windows Disable automatic updates.Windows Update - Automatic Updating - Turn On when I tried to start the computer up again I got the following message.insert windows automated system recovery disk into floppy drive press any key.I never made this disk. Winpe Windows 7 For more information, see the Create an ImageX Configuration File topic in Opk.chm.

And that will be able to create an (standard but tweaked) image of Windows 7 I can use for multiple computers, even ones that have differing hardware? This example does not import any special drivers, applications, or packages. WinPE has the following uses: Deployment of workstations and servers in large corporations as well as pre-installation by system builders of workstations and servers to be sold to end users. Check This Out Read more Answer:How do I Install the W AIK (Automated Installation Kit) off the DVD .

I have a list of 200 queries set up, and each one needs to be outputted in a report format. Do I need both? I went to the WAIK Windows site in the link you provided! (yes thanks for finding it again---I wrote toooo many postings to find whs' s link I know he had Every time I tried to format my hard drive and install windows its coming back with not copying so many files from windows setup.

Windows PE starts, and then it launches a Command Prompt window. In addition read over these steps to understand the tools and methods which work best to get and maintain a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.