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Windows 7 Networking Sucks!

Ultimate Windows 10 clean up: DWS (potentially unsafe, use at your own risk, it might totally wreck your Windows 10 installation): Removes all spyware modules, services, domains and apps. No more. if you like window 7 I wish you luck but unless they send some updates with patches that fix window 7 sooner or later you will join the window 7 haters Would changing Workgroup to Mshome resolve the issue? Check This Out

Take nice care of yourselves - Paul - ♪ - Help to start using BiNG. I don't want to have to constantly relearn useless things like mailing list programs. I will not buy Windows 7, I refuse! Notenboom has been playing with computers since he was required to take a programming class in 1976. http://www.sevenforums.com/network-sharing/38361-windows-7-networking-sucks.html

It might be a function of making the laptop hibernate in the evening and then waking it up in the morning. What a frickin nightmare. This then became CD's for ease of use and we now have the bloated behemoth that is Windows 7 that arrives on a DVD. All other machines on network are also 32-bit, but some are XP Pro SP3.

Windows is extremely difficult to debug (e.g. How to make 7 better, I think MS should give it at free price. John Doe 15 February 2010 at 10pm Oh and btw, this blog entry is now in my Favorites tab. In May 2016 Microsoft started deceptively updating users' PCs to Windows 10 regardless of your Automatic Windows Updates settings or the way you interact with the GWX application.

Or you get Linux, but then you will automatically have to search online for fixes, because to use all the power of Linux you have to invest some time in it. I've found "Network Places" to be problematic at times, so instead of navigating through all of that, you can also just click on Windows Explorer's Tools menu, and the Map Network This might be because I am not running a homegroup on any of the other Win7 boxes, as I don't want or need it - I just want F%@!&-ing drive mapping. http://www.theforumsa.co.za/forums/showthread.php/15593-Windows-7-Networking-SUCKS The trouble with opportunity is it normally comes dressed up as work.

I think a lot of people will just stick with XP whereas companies will be forced to move to Windows 7. Have enjoyed and learned much from you over the years. {namecalling removed} Schnazola December 1, 2011 8:09 PM For some reason I get prompted for a Username and Password when I Its not even close. Hundreds of questions and answers are online and ready to help solve your computer problems.

nothing is ever really fixed… just "patched" … They should have opened their source long ago. It seems like almost everything impacts networking. In short, the stupid Windows 7 search engine would have difficulty finding whiskers on a cat. Have you shared a folder in order to setup networking?

Interesting (read awful) features for developers and power users: Visual Studio 2015 C++ compiler secretly inserts telemetry code into binaries. his comment is here My smart phone has that. Unable to set up the fonts to make them at least readable size. So, I have no reason to complain.

Don't really like you but I guess you are alright. Anyway I thought a least I wouldn't get any more nags. Google it. 2) Cisco's "Network Magic" (software). this contact form location: 7forums.com - date: March 19, 2009 I've been wondering if it's at all possible to network 2 machines, 1 running Windows 7 (build 7057) and the other, Vista??

I have wanted a Mac laptop after windows XP kept getting errors and viruses (which is now pretty decent compared to Windows 7 and Vista), but my family is too poor For that dedicated use, maybe I should dig out the old Commodore 64 and sell the new laptop. New features are prioritized over all but the most system-critical bugs, and teams are never given any time to actually focus on improving their code.

According to various AV comparisons MS Security Essentials misses over 10% of the in-the-wild viruses (i.e.

That's just one of many reasons I hate windows 7. I also clicked on "more results" and he's not there either. Macs have dominated design-based industries for years, understanding that utilizing the best tool for the job yields the best results… Also perhaps they are less likely to have left the case My computer came with Vista and it's from 2008, so it's not like it's from the XP era.

Here's an insightful comment I cannot agree more with: "Microsoft has given themselves the right to do remote administration and data gathering ... Firstly, Microsoft openly stated that pervasive data collection will be present in any Windows version starting from Windows 10 and as a host of research on the Internet shows, this data Different styles of settings for modern apps. navigate here John Doe 11 March 2010 at 11pm I like some aspects of the 7 though, I must admit.

As for the pro's that out weight the con's, I can't think of a single one.